Bookish Gifts

This is a post that I wanted to do last year, but I got lazy. Seeing as it’s November, and the Book Holiday blogger swap has begun again, I finally got around to showing you some shiny pretty bookish things. Really, it’s an excuse for me to window shop on the web. (Click on images for bigger versions).

1. Tillybloom bookmarks ($13 each) 2. Miniature books 3. Book Journal ($15) 4. Penquin Hardcover Classics ($20 ea) 5. Jane Austen action figure ($8.95) 6. Spineless classics (from Β£39.99) 7. Sterling silver block letter initial necklace ($72)

8. read sign ($42) 9. Penguin Classics mug (Β£7.95 and up) 10. Oh for a Book print ($25) 11. I like Big Books bag ($14.95) 12. Eat, Sleep, Read shirt ($29.99) 13. Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics ($18 ea) 14. Penguin Threads ($16 ea)

15. Pride & Prejudice vintage subway print ($50) 16. Book Book case ($79.99-$99.99) 17. A Book Lover tee ($20) 18. Kindle/nook cases (from $45) 19. White Rabbit ring ($7) 20. Nook Tablet ($249) 21. Kindle Fire ($199) 22. We’re All Mad Here necklace ($22) 23. Books tote bag ($16)

16 thoughts on “Bookish Gifts

    • Oh I don’t want all this stuff. I just think they’re pretty. But I do want the nook. Husband and I are going to convert our credit card points for a gift card to buy a nook. πŸ™‚

  1. Oh my goodness, THIS POST! I want so many of the things that you listed here. I want the tote bags because those always come in handy and you can never have enough eco bags. I want the shirt too because I want to have as many bookish shirts as I can. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you like it! I want those too – very cute, but of course I think to myself that I have so many tote bags already.. and I wish the EAT, SLEEP, READ tee wasn’t $30! I do have a giraffe with books tee though – love it. πŸ™‚ If I had a room that was just a library, that read sign would be mine!

      • That Eat, Sleep, Read shirt is really expensive! I had mine customized in a shop where you can have letters ironed to the shirt. I plan to have one made that says Snack, Nap, Read. The giraffe with books looks cute πŸ™‚

    • It is pretty awesome. The artist used to have a cheaper version which was I think a lower quality test print. I bought one and need to find a nice frame for it.

    • Oh the Book Book is somehting I COVET like.. wow, I just really want it. BUT I don’t have a mac or an iPad or even an iPhone, and that company is only Apple friendly. Sad. One day I hope there’s an Apple product that has roughly the same dimensions of the nook. Then I’ll be ALL over the Book Book cover for that thing.

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