Bookish Gifts II

Last year I had a lot of fun window shopping on the Internet for a post on gifts for book nerds. Since it’s been almost a year and I don’t really need much of an excuse to look at pretty things, I bring you even more booky things, the 2012 edition. (click to embiggen)

1. The Little Prince inspired pendants (€55.00 EUR/ about $73) (also available in silver and in ring form) 2. Literary Posters (€13.00 / about $17) 3. Wooden Book Necklaces (8 colors) (£9.00 GBP / about $15) 4. Handdrawn Literary Bookmarks (€8.00 / about $10.57) 5. Literary Scented Candles ($9.50-$18.50) 6. Metal Art Bookends ($49.99) 7. Wolf Slippers inspired by Where The Wild Things Are (Child: $35, Adult: $50)

8. NovelT Shirts ($24.95) 9. Paperback Book Covers (cotton $10, embroidered faux suede $24) 10. Jane Austen Quote Cameo – ($30 various colors) 11. Paper Passion ($98) 12. Dead Writers, a bookish blend of Heliotrope, Vetiver, Black Tea, Clove, Tabacco, Musk, & Vanilla (from $10) 13. In the Library (from $12) 14. Book scented candle ($49) 15. NYPL Building, metal bookmark ($9.95) 16. Quote Couture Earrings ($9.99) 17. the official Roald Dahl Stamps (from £3.04) 18. Hunger Games Lip Balm Tints ($19.50 set, $6.50 individual)

19. Mental Floss Tees ($19.97) 20. Olympia Le-Tan Book clutches and ipad mini-cases (€950.00) 21. Harry Potter Glasses & Scar jewelery (from $21) 22. round book ring ($84) 23. Sterling Publishing Classic Lines ($8.95 ea) 24. Kindle Paperwhite ($119) 25. Nook Simple Touch ($99, with GlowLight: $119) 26. Kate Spade book clutches ($325) 27. Go Away, I’m Reading mug (£9.95)

25 thoughts on “Bookish Gifts II

  1. Thanks for the listings. I want almost every item shown (of course I don’t need them just want them). Ah well, guess that’s what the purpose of the wish list.

  2. I want all of these! But especially the Austen and the Patronus shirts. I would love to have the Kate Spade book clutches, I think I posted about those before as well, but they’re just so expensive! So many girls here in Singapore have designer bags but I haven’t seen those clutches yet. And I ordered a Roald Dahl stamp (Matilda) that Leila of Bookshelves of Doom converted to a pendant. I hope it gets here soon!

    • I like the Austen shirt too. And the Hyperbole one! Yeah, the Kate Spade clutches were posted here last year too. I just couldn’t resist adding them. They are so beautiful. Wish they weren’t so expensive. Sigh.

      Oh, wow you ordered a Roald Dahl stamp pendant? Sounds very cool.

      • Sigh, I would buy those Kate Spade clutches if they weren’t so expensive. I’d rather buy books. Yep, I ordered a Matilda and a LOTR map pendant. They’re bigger than I expected.

  3. I love this bookish gift posts, Janice! Keep them comingl As for me, I’m dying to give one of the Harry Potter fan girls the glasses ring. I want the square book ring, and Kate Spade clutch. Both are two pricey to even go on the Christmas list I think!

    • I’m seriously considering doing genre versions of this post. Hmm. It may happen. Yeah, I have similar feelings about those things. The clutch is especially too much money to spend on a bag. I think the ring is more reasonable since it is handmade and silver.. and I have seen stuff like that go for more, but the clutch price kills me since.. how often would I use it to justify that pricetag.. but it’s SO gorgeous.

    • *nod*. Sigh, those Olympia Le-Tan clutches are SO expensive. I think there is no choice but to make your own version there, unless you are a millionaire. But I had to include them for their prettiness. *pets an imaginary bag*. Thank goodness the Sterling classics are a reasonable price! Is there such a thing as too many copies of Jane Austen? Nah.

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