YAckers discuss Unspoken, upcoming Bloggiesta

unspoken by sarah rees brennan

My time as Keeper of the Book this month at YAckers resulted in a lively discussion of Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. You can check it out over here. I will be writing up my own review and posting it up here soon.

Next month’s book is Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick. This is the second book of a series so I have to get cracking and read the first one (horror? meep). In the meantime, we’re offering up copies of Shadows to followers of the blog (there’s two books up for grabs: one for US, one for UK). For more details, check out the YAckers blog.

Bloggiesta is back again. This is an event hosted this year by There’s a Book and It’s All About Books. It’s an event where book bloggers work on their blog related “To Do” lists. I like to join when I can because it gives me some motivation. Once I put up my list of “To Do’s” on the Internet, I feel more accountable for actually doing them. Here’s what I want to do to improve this blog:

  • Work on my About page and my Review policy
  • Update my Review Index
  • Put more of my reviews on goodreads
  • Catch up on my reviews (I have 5 reviews to write)

For anyone else interested, Bloggiesta is September 28-30th, is very loose on what you have to do (you can do as much or as little as you want), and sign up is here.


9 thoughts on “YAckers discuss Unspoken, upcoming Bloggiesta

    • Heh, you too. I did a couple of things yesterday (working on a blog post and made sure I had at least all this years reviews on goodreads). Now working on that blog post again. Though I do need to work on some reviews too.

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