10 thoughts on “Troy Book Burning Party

  1. Lol, what an ingenius idea! I can’t believe it is a reality. Sadly, it hits close to home. When my city proposed a tax increase earlier this year there were some citizens calling for the library to close. It looks like we’ll be fine, but still, to be even threatened makes you feel like the end of literacy or something.

    • Agree. Around here there aren’t many bookstores, but there are several libraries. I was worried when they cut the hours of my local one, which is a larger library in my county. They reinstated some of the hours, but not all of them. The library is a very important part of the community, it’s sad when it is threatened.

  2. Brilliant. I just hope more people take this kind of clever, but aggressive approach. So many times, things die out. We have to keep great institutions like Libraries, literacy and the arts in general in the forefront in order to make things happen. Great post, Janice.

  3. That is one of the best things I’ve watched in ages, Janice! Thanks so much for posting it. It’s so clever, such a perfect way of taking back the message and waking people up. Don’t you just love libraries? Clever-boots aren’t they? 😉

    • Haha, yes. I think most people agree libraries are important but in a bad economy they seem to be less worthy of funding than other things (which is sad).

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