Book Geeks Gift Exchange Wrap-up

It’s February and the Holidays seem so, so far away, but this is a good time to look back at the Book Geeks Gift Exchange. We had a nice number of participants and a follow-up email asking if anyone DIDN’T get a gift suggests that everyone exchanged gifts successfully this year. Phew, I’m glad! So thank you everyone that participated!!

Here are the posts people put up about their gifts on our Mr. Linky:

1. Kiwiria 5. Lisa (starmetal oak)
2. Calico Reaction 6. Christina (Babbling Book Reviews)
3. janicu 7. Sarah
4. Anna (Genre Reviews) 8. Holly (Book Harbinger)

And, Mekaela, who doesn’t have a blog sent us a nice note about the gift she got from The Book Harbinger, which we’ve posted over here.

I received another email from a non-blogger! Alexandra K., sent along this note:
“I most definitely had an awesome time participating in this year’s book exchange. Not only was it delightful to get books, it was so much fun picking out books to give.

I ended up receiving five whole books in total, plus a booklight and a booklet of beautiful bookmarks (awesome alliteration, amirite?). I haven’t quite gotten to all of them yet, but Cold Magic was as awesome as I knew it would be, and Cold Fire was even better. Seriously – how can you go wrong with an alternate-history steampunk fantasy romance with a strong female character and dinosaurs?

Attached is a picture of my wee gifties.”

I was Alexandra’s gifter, so I’m thrilled she liked/is liking the Kate Elliot books! 🙂

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