There’s something about these dog days of summer that put me in a really lackadaisical mood. This past week I’ve written one paragraph for a review. That’s OK, I am sure the motivation will come eventually. In the meantime I’m reading and enjoying the warm weather. And I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled book blogging with some photos of the wedding anniversary present my husband and I got ourselves: a balloon ride (more pictures behind the jump).

9 thoughts on “Anniversary

    • Thanks! It was very pretty and misty that morning so that was great for picture taking.

      I’m afraid of heights, but it really goes away when I’m secure, and the balloons are sooo slow and steady that it was a good experience, phew. That’s one memorable anniversary and something off the bucket list! πŸ™‚

  1. Yay, glad you posted pictures! I love how colorful the balloon is. It really is a fun way to celebrate your anniversary. Happy Anniv again, Janice and husband. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Chachic. πŸ™‚ Yay, glad you liked the pictures. We took a LOT and I had to whittle it down to my favorites. The one I liked best is at the bottom.

  2. Ok I am ridiculously afraid of heights and someone had given me a balloon ride as a present and I just couldn’t do it but I wish I could have made myself because it looks amazing! Honestly so pretty! Happy anniversary!!

    • Thank you!

      This is what my mom said – she kept saying she’d rather clean toilets and touch poo than have any kind of job in aviation. There’s all these degrees of fear of heights — I seem to specifically have a fear of dropping down, so I am OK if I’m high up but don’t think it’s possible to fall. This experience was very gentle and secure, and the basket came up to where my elbows are, so that was good. It was really slow and steady. Now, I can’t go skiing or snowboarding because the whole thing is a fall, and I am NOT a fan of glass floors, glass elevators, and glass railings.

  3. Happy anniversary, Janice! These pictures look amazing! It’s a shame it gets so hazy around here in the summer due to the humidity, still gorgeous though. I hope you guys had a fantastic amount of fun, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to do this.

    I think that adventures are the best kind of presents, I’m sure you both will remember it forever. =)

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