Humble ebook bundle, Cobweb Bride Kickstarter, Clockwork Heart Trilogy, and Readathon

OK, so I’ve seen some stuff online that has me excited and I wanted to talk about them ALL so this is a catch-all post to tell you about it.

For the next 13 days you can contribute whatever amount you want and get 6 DRM free ebooks by Cory Doctrow, Kelly Link, Mercedes Lackey, Lauren Beukes, and Paolo Bacigalupi. If you pay more than the average (currently $12.11), you will unlock 2 more books, by John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman. Your contribution will go to charity and these authors, and you can customize how it will be split up. Kinda cool, huh? Check it out at The Humble Bundle.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign right now for a book with a premise that sounds interesting. It’s “is a history-flavored fantasy novel with romantic elements of the Persephone myth”, and it has to do with Death stopping his work everywhere, and searching for his bride in an alternateย Renaissance world.ย  This is a kickstarter by the author Vera Nazarian, who has published several books already, and was nominated for a Nebula Award twice. This campaign has 4 days to go and has made about half of its $5000 goal, so if interested, I say get on it sooner rather than later.

ETA: Here’s an excerpt of Cobweb Bride to get an idea of the writing.

I have Angie to thank for the heads up on this one.ย  I unreservedly LOVED Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti and have been checking her blog periodically for news about the sequel (which I knew she had finished and was shopping around). Well, EDGE has picked up the trilogy! According to Pagliasotti’s website, “Clockwork Heart will be republished in March 2013, the second book in September 2013, and the third in March 2014″. I am so happy! I cannot WAIT.

The last news I have is about Dewey’s 24 hour readathon. It’s happening this weekend, October 13th, and I thought I would remind/tell people because I know people often want to do it but don’t realize what day it was until the day of. (Sorry for the 2 day notice.. ). I’m still debating if I will be able to join in on this one, but I recommend it. Lots of fun and an excuse to read all day. Sign up is here.

17 thoughts on “Humble ebook bundle, Cobweb Bride Kickstarter, Clockwork Heart Trilogy, and Readathon

  1. Ooh, The Cobweb Bride does look interesting! Too bad I’m broke at the moment.

    And you should totally do the read-a-thon! I already know I won’t be able to participate for the full 24 hours, but I’m hoping to get 16 in. C’mon, it’ll be fun…

    • Ah well. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We shall see – it totally depends on what I’m doing this weekend – we may go on a mini-roadtrip. If I can’t read, I hope I can at least pop in and cheer.

  2. Bah! I was all excited when I first saw the read-a-thon was announced, but of course tomorrow’s one of the few Saturdays of the year I have to work. Ah well, there’s always spring!

    • :/ Yeah, there’s always Spring! I think I will just be cheering since I am going into the city to see the space shuttle on the Intrepid. And I have so many reviews to write!

  3. I haven’t heard of a “kickstarter campaign” before, very curious – also you got me looking up Clockwork Heart, which is only available as an audiobook through TBD so I might have to check and see if Amazon’s got it – or wait? Sounds like it’s being re-released? Love the premise of Cobweb Bride. ๐Ÿ™‚

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