The Library Hotel (picture post)

A couple of years ago I stayed at the Library Hotel in New York City. I waited for a deal on room prices and stayed one weekend while visiting the city. I took a bunch of pictures, and then somehow never posted them! So here they are.

front door

The front desk has a card catalog behind it

Our room number! Sixth floor, room 6 (or: 600.006 Health & Beauty)

The best “please clean my room/do not disturb” sign!

Junior suite – nice big bed with bookshelves on the side – unfortunately they were all non-fiction about health & beauty. I wasn’t excited.

Health & Beauty.. eh.

Suite sitting area

View from the window – Madison Avenue

guest lounge on the 2nd floor. Loved this place – snacks and coffee and tea whenever you want, plus books (fiction this time)

better picture of the bookshelves in the lounge

The hotel is about a block away from Grand Central, and in the other direction, a block away from the NYPL (Stephen A. Schwarzman building) and Bryant park

There’s also a really cool library walk on 41st street and I took a ton of pictures of that. But I think I’ll leave that for a second post.

I would stay here again mainly because it’s a really nice hotel in a VERY good location, but I didn’t think the library theme added much. The concept was a little gimmicky and not a reason to stay there by itself.

11 thoughts on “The Library Hotel (picture post)

  1. I LOVE THIS!! I have always wanted to stay there!! The bf tried to book us a room for our first anniversary but being college students it was just too hard. Thank you for sharing these pictures, I love the “Do not disturb” signs the best. AKA I want them for my room.

    • Yeah, I hear ya on the prices. I make decent money but I wasn’t going to spend that much for a hotel room half an hour away. I think there was some deal on their website and I signed up then (maybe sign up for their email offers and they’ll email when there is something else like that). I know, I ADORE that little sign!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I love the concept, but wished that each room was based on a fiction theme and that there were books in the room or murals that I could get excited about. Something more creative. As it is, it’s still a really nice hotel. I recommend it if you can get a deal. Very nice location and pretty swanky. But on the expensive side.

  2. The idea is amazing but they could have added more library details to get readers more excited about staying at the place. Love the Do Not Disturb sign and the guest lounge too.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Janice! I’ve always been very interested in seeing more pictures of this hotel. It does seem gimicky, but it also seems fun. Still, I also don’t think I’d stay there for the money when I live half an hour away. Glad you were able to get a deal!

    I’m guessing that you don’t get to pick which floor you stay on? Though most of them would be non-fic based, history/biographies would be much more interesting than health and beauty. 😛

  4. i loved reading this post. the hotel is SUCH a cool idea. also, i would love to go to new york one day.

    Thanks for sharing all these pics 🙂

    x Nomes

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