The ‘Life Ain’t Bad’ Book Haul

Every time I start writing a new post this month I have to hold myself back from whining ranting about my class, but really, if I think about it, other than long work hours, I’ve been really lucky this month, at least in the book haul department. So let’s look at pretty books that I am hugging to keep myself sane, shall we?

First of all, it was my birthday recently and my husband surprised me with some awesome goodies

First of all, he got me the BBC Emma (2009) DVD I wanted, plus the Penguin Threads edition of Emma. I’d also mentioned wanting The Serpent Sea pretty much as soon as I finished the Cloud Roads, because that book was good (a review is forthcoming). These were on the gift idea list I sent him, so I was happy but not as shocked as when I opened the Penguin Threads edition of The Wizard of Oz. I didn’t know that even existed! He also did good with picking me this edition of Jane Eyre with a watercolor Gothic cover. On top of this he gave me a really nice orchid plant and took me out for a day trip that involved sunny skies, perfect breezy weather, rolling green hills, a barbeque joint, a bookstore, and ice cream. Hello, I should marry him!

BUT THEN. I also got these in the mail this month from authors/publishers. All books I’m super excited to read. I’ve already read half of For Darkness Shows the Stars (I like it a lot), and Spellcrossed, the sequel to Spellcast by Barbara Ashford is probably next. And I was thrilled that I won a copy of A Once Crowded Sky which is a superhero story with a very interesting premise.

Oh, and THEN, I was in my local Friends of the Library booksale area and picked these up, and guess what? They’re signed. For $1.

I don’t know who this Ryan is, but these are mine now.

And THEN.. I won this awesome Avengers prize pack from one of my favorite bloggers, Chelle, and I was so obsessed with the Marvel Fairy Tales graphic novel in there, that I completely forgot it came with other stuff. So I get this box, and I see who it’s from and I am stupidly thinking ‘This box is too big for one graphic novel, what’s going on?’ — I think I’m sleep deprived.

Lots of cool, super cute stuff! I may have done a little squeal jig while the husband was out of the apartment. That’s why when he geeked out over the prints that came with the prize, he said that I was “disturbingly nonchalant”. He also got to open the Tokidoki Marvel for me and is very excited that I got Wolverine :D. Not pictured here is the Avengers t-shirt I’m wearing.

So. Life ain’t bad. Just crazy busy. I hope I can slow down on weekends enough to plan BEA. Anyone else going? I’m definitely going to the Book Blogger Con and then Tuesday and Wednesday. Not so sure about Thursday.


24 thoughts on “The ‘Life Ain’t Bad’ Book Haul

  1. That is an excellent book haul! I need to start The Serpent Sea as well. The Cloud Roads was great so I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ve been struggling to find time to read lately, though.

    I’m going to Book Blogger Con and I’ll be at BEA Tuesday and Wednesday! I’m also planning to go to the New York Book Week SF/F event right before I have to catch my flight Wednesday night. It sounds incredible – readings by NK Jemisin, Catherynne Valente, Kristin Cashore, and Naomi Novik!

    I’m also having trouble finding time to plan BEA. There’s so many books I still need to look up. And the locations weren’t on the site for a lot of the ones I wanted to get.

    • I know what you mean about time. Is it something about summer? Is work ramping up everywhere?

      Then I shall see you there! But I didn’t hear about this SF/F event. Is this something I can go to, or do I need to be invited? It sounds like my kinda thing. I really want to go!

      I have NOT even looked at the BEA schedule yet. I am going to have to set time aside this weekend. If I remember. Ack.

      • I don’t know what it is, but it has been crazy lately! Work has been super exhausting, and I didn’t have any time to read before that with the April event.

        Yes, definitely will see you there! I’m looking forward to it.

        No, you don’t have to be invited to the SF/F event. It’s part of New York Book Week:

        I emailed the contact on that list and asked if I should register, and they sent me a link to register at. It’s free, though. The night before there is a YA event you may be interested in. Kody Keplinger is going to be there:

        For books I can remember: Kristin Cashore is signing Bitterblue. John Scalzi is signing Redshirts. Catherynne Valente is signing the upcoming Fairyland sequel. There is SFF author stage I was interested in going to. I needed to look up some books, though, because I wasn’t seeing a lot that I was familiar with.

        • I’m really scared about how much I’ll be behind when I get out of this blasted class. Which is like.. right before BEA so I’ll be like: ok I’m back, wait, I’m going on vacation for this thing. Eep.

          I saw the teen author carnival, but I was sort of on the fence on that one because other are so many YA bloggers – it may be a madhouse. Went to nypl and was able to figure out how to register for the SFF one though. Yay! 🙂

          • What class are you taking?

            I wasn’t going to go to the Teen Author Carnival, either. It does sound like it may be a madhouse! They have a ton of authors. Glad you’ll be going to the SFF one, though! It sounds amazing!

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    I’ll be keeping my eye out for your review of A Once Crowded Sky. Considering my general superhero state of mind, that one definitely caught my eye. Oh, and that cover of The Wizard of Oz looks amazing.

    You got Wolverine? I always end up getting, like, Doc Ock. Or Madoc. In other words, ones I don’t want. Ah, well. Glad you liked everything! (And that your husband did too! Seriously, that Jo Chen print is amazing. I couldn’t stop looking at it after I bought it. And I love that Hawkeye is climbing the ball of yarn in the Katie Cook one.) Hope you like the GN even half as much as I did.

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Oh yes, A ONCE CROWDED SKY looks good no? I will get on reading that one soon. The Penguin Threads editions are so great – everything is raised where the ‘threads’ are, and the inside jackets all have the back side of the embroidery. So pretty! I love the attention to detail with the packaging of those books.

      Yeah, I got Wolverine! He’s super cute, with extended claws and everything! He’s my husband’s favorite character too – so he was ALSO excited about that one. I know what you mean about the Jo Chen print – I have it propped up so I can stare.

    • Yup. I am pleased with this marriage so far. 😉

      It is so good. I wish I could just sit and enjoy it but there are a lot of homework related breaks going on. Hope to finish this weekend though.

  3. Wow, I agree, your DH is definitely a keeper! I adore the Penguin Threads cover for Emma. After looking at the whole collection I think it’s my favorite. Maybe I need to add another copy to my collection. 🙂 Also I definitely need that edition of Jane Eyre. I’ve been admiring it for some time now.

    • He’s a good guy. It always amuses me how he looks like he’s LOST when it comes to getting me gifts but he is always so freaking *good* at knowing my taste.

      You do need it. And deserve it. It’s so pretty.

  4. Um…yeah, you snagged a good one there, your husband sounds wonderful! Happy belated birthday!

    I’ve seen that edition of Jane Eyre once before and kind of love it. Also excited for your Cloud Roads review, I need to get to that one myself,though am tempted to wait till series is complete at the end of the year? Also I totally understand your tunnel vision for that graphic novel! I want to hear if it’s good, that’s my kind of graphic novel right there.

    Hope your class isn’t getting you down, excited to meet/see you at BEA!

    • Thanks. But I better hide these comments from him or he’ll be puffed up all weekend.

      Uh oh, he looked over at me smirking to myself.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. 🙂 Yeah the Jane Eyre was unexpected, but he must have realized I’m a fan after I dragged him to the latest movie adaption… and maybe talked about it for a while afterwards. I’m so excited about the Marvel Fairy tales graphic novel!

      Only 4 more days and I am done with the class! Yay!

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