Google Reader

I don't know who uses the google reader that reads this blog, but it is the most wonderous fabulous thing ever. ALSO – weird thing about it – if you subscribe to it truncates the feed, while if you subscribe to, it does not. Just a tip.

I have about 50 or so subscriptions, (mostly book blogs) over there, and I figured out that you can share the interesting things you see in whatever blogs you are reading – so I did that. They also have a widget thingy which you can add to your blog, so I'm putting it up on the sidebar – will have things I think are interesting plus contests and giveaways that people are hosting in the blogosphere. No one can resist winning something 🙂 Now let's see if posting the widget here will do ANYTHING, otherwise look at the sidebar to the left at my vox screen. LJ won't let me put any javascript up for security reasons so I just have a link to my shared items instead.  If you see a big grey thing below, it didn't work.


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