NYC Library Way (picture post)

I had so many pictures of the Library Hotel Weekend that I had to break it up into two posts. This part is about the free celebration of literature on the sidewalk of East 41st Street, called Library Way. I took a lot of pictures, on both sides of the street (FYI some of these repeat, so walking a block should yield most of the quotes to see).

This is what the Library Way is (taken from Grand Central Partnership’s website):

“In 1996, GCP, along with the New York Public Library and New Yorker Magazine, convened a distinguished panel of literary experts and librarians to select the quotations from prominent works of literature.

These quotes have been brought to life by urban sculptural artist Gregg LeFevre in beautiful bronze plaques installed in regular intervals in the sidewalks along 41st Street leading to and from the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. The Library Way bronze plaque initiative was subsequently honored with an “Excellence in Design” award by the New York City Arts Commission in 1998.”

This is a image heavy post (there are 45 images of the plaques on the library way here), so here’s a preview. Click it or see after the jump for a gallery with bigger images!

5 thoughts on “NYC Library Way (picture post)

  1. These are amazing! I think it’s awesome that they came up with so many creative designs for the quotes, they look great. I probably would have enjoyed taking pictures of these as well. Also, how were you able to post them like that? With round thumbnails?

    • Yeah, I went to town photographing all of them. 🙂 The round thumbnails are an option in the gallery view. I posted all my pictures as gallery style, then in the html which will have simply [gallery] inserted where the gallery goes, I made some tweaks. For circles you just add ‘type=”circle”‘ and I also removed the pictures I didn’t want in the gallery with ‘exclude=”xx”‘ where xx is the attachment ID for the images I didn’t want. For more info:

  2. I love that you posted these! I’m so embarrassed to admit, I had NO IDEA this existed. I basically never go over to the east side…I’ve honestly not even gone into the Schwartzman building and reading room which is fairly shameful…I’ve only even walked by once. I’m going to have to make a day trip over to see this sometime! Maybe next year when it starts to warm up again. 😛

    • Oh don’t feel bad. I went into the Schwartzman building for the reading during BEA, but I’ve never been to the reading room either and never really got a chance to really look around in there. I think I just feel weird going into a library that’s not mine – like I’m not supposed to be there. You’d think I’d go when I was right next to it taking these pictures. O_O I will go one day too.

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