Graphic novel of Farseer Trilogy

Oh my god, I wish I knew french!!! There is going to be a "a French graphic adaptation of Robin Hobb's The Farseer Trilogy. The comic books will be produced by Soleil." – this news from Pat's fantasy hotlist.

I loved the Farseer trilogy. I own the Liveship trilogy and the Tawny man trilogy. But, I've been told NOT to read Tawny man until I've read the Liveship trilogy because they are somewhat related. Unfortunately I seem to have an aversion to the characters in Liveship and its taking me YEARS (since.. oh when they came out?) to read it. So far I've read halfway through book 2 and stopped. Now I can't remember most of the story and have to start again. Meanwhile I'm dying to read Tawny man.. sigh. One day I will prevail. But probably when my TBR is down to something like 50.. so in a year or two? Meanwhile I've started reading the Soldier son trilogy (finished book 1, will pick up book 2).

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