ALA conference, FOL sale..

Do you know who I'm jealous of? Dance Chica of the Insomnomania blog – read this post (pay attention to the pictures). I want to go to the ALA conference and see the exhibits!!! AHHHHHHHH. She got to meet Judy Blume! Free stuff and ARCs! AHHHHH. Oh well, no way I could have gone this weekend because of Josh's biathalon. So remind me to go to Philly in 2008. January 11th-16th. SO JEALOUS.

I went to the Poughkeepsie FOL today and it was pretty good – actually had its own sci fi and fantasy section. I came back with Through a Brazen Mirror by Delia Sherman (which I've already read it turns out), Shadow Hunt by Anne Logston (I read the first book but not this one), and Blade dancer by Lynn Viehl (which I am most excited by). Aren't I good for holding myself back? Three books is good. I think so.

TBR @ 102

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random book potpourri

There is a poll on Mindy L. Klasky's livejournal about what gets readers to pick up a book. If you have a livejournal, go fill it out.  Personally it doesn't take much to get me to read a book.. first the book has to look interesting to me, but strongest thing is definitely word of mouth. If someone who's opinion I tend to agree with likes it I will go look for it, so I think friends, book reviews, blogs fall under that. Otherwise – looking at the book – if I like the cover and the blurb, and look and like the first couple of pages – I buy it.

OK, I don't know who reads this, but I had a question – has anyone here ever sent their books to an author to get it autographed? There are certain authors I'd totally love to have sign my books, but I feel quite fangirly to send my books to them in the mail. Weird or no?

I'm thinking about this because this new author Jeaniene Frost was offering free cover flats of her debut novel "Halfway to the Grave" (looks like a paranormal fantasy about a vampire killer) on her livejournal, and I feel ok asking for one. falalala.

I also totally sent money to Kim Harrison just for her burning bunny pin and a toe tag thingy. And I was quite excited when I got them (yes, such fangrl behavior).

So I can do that, but I feel shy about sending books over to be autographed. Eh, I should get over it, huh.

TBR was holding at 100…now at 101. Why do I do this to myself? Remember when it was at 92? Damn.

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Oh ebay, part II

Wow, what snipping occurred at the last 4 minutes for those auctions I posted about!!! The one I really wanted (A thru Charnas) had 18 bids and went for $26.08. I didn't even bother to bid, it was insane. Oh well. I won the Stamey thru Z auction for $15.51 – total plus shipping was $38.62. Josh gave me a LONG incredilous look which made me squirm when I told him…. What? He just spent $150 on a new bike seat. $38.62 on 106 books = $0.36 per book OK!?! Dude. And I am probably going to sell the S. L. Viehl books (and a couple of others) because I already have them. Yes, I can justify this..


P.S. I got my TBR down to 99, but now… umm… ok its going up above 100 again. I think the "Space Vampires" book is going to be up there on my list. hohohoho.

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Scaling the TBR mountain

I officially have over 100 books in my to-be-read (henceforth to be called TBR) pile. The number is at 101, though I suspect if I looked in my room I could find about 10 more books to add to the list. I don't know whats wrong with me, I can't pass the library bookstore anymore without buying at least one book. This may be a case of bibliomania. My new years resolution this year was to read 100 books, which I did last year. Now its kind of morphing into .. get the damn TBR to decrease, NOT increase. Beginning of last year my TBR was maybe 20. In August it went up to 40. Now its over 100… AHFHHhh. And I keep trolling ebay for deals. *smacks hand*, bad Janice, bad. Except I tend to buy books around my birthday as a present to myself.. I'm holding myself back from pre-ordering certain books right now until I get the TBR down (I have 35 dollars in bookstore gift cards in my wallet. They call to me. I take them out and look at them sometimes). The resolution is to not buy any books for the next couple of months.

The REALLY bad thing though is that I seem to be in a reading slump. I looked at what's in my TBR and I'm kind of.. eh.. I don't feel like reading anything on here. Right now I'm one third of the way through Greywalker by Kat Richardson and I think my self imposed pressure to get through the TBR is sucking out the joy. I've started 4 or 5 books and just couldn't get get myself to read more than 20 pages. Knowing how much I have to read is making me want to go do something else. ISN'T THAT SAD? I love books, what the hell! Last month I was finishing off a book every 2-4 days. I think I read 14 books in April. This month.. its more like finish a book in 6 days.. I'm slowing down! OK, it has also been busy at work, but still. Must.. get .. TBR.. down. I shall prevail!

Sad thing is that on the PBS forums, there are people there with TBRs that are 400, 500, 800+ long. I cannot get to that point.

ETA: I just realised that i was at 77 in March! 2 months and 30 more books. Ahhhhhhhhh !!!

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