July Book Blowout Challenge

So, I've been lazy with following the weekly geeks but  week 9's one was participating in a challenge, and it just so happens there's a challenge I wanted to join. The July Book Blowout challenge was just to read more books in july: "The rules are simple – read as many books as you can between July 1 and 31 – and then by August 7 post a list of all of the books you read on your blog. Reviews are not required to take part."

So far this year I've read only 34 books. I think around this time last year I was at around 60. In June I read 7 books which was pretty good compared to the piddly 3 I read in May. So for July my goal is to read at least 7. Maybe this isn't such a good idea since it is the month before my wedding, but falalala, let's try.

By the way, my favorite book of June was Wicked Game by Jeri Smith Ready. I recommend it.

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Other book blogs/ Weekly Geeks #1

Who reads this thing? Like two people? I can't really tell the numbers on my blog – the statcounters aren't really accurate I think. And I read a LOT of blogs through google reader (52 and growing) or on my LJ friends pages, which are things that don't show up in counters.

I was thinking about this because a few of the book blogs I read are participating in a book blogging challenge called "weekly geeks", where each week there is a theme like – finish the books you borrowed from the library etc etc. I'm  joining but I'm worried that blogging challenges distract from actually reading, and I already have a lot of distractions what with those things called "life" and "work" and "wedding" (ug) and all. On top of that I prefer seeing a book blog with more book reviews than posts answering a challenge. I think it looks weird to see a book blog where over 50% of the posts are answers to the weekly btt question.

I'll tentatively start and see how it goes – apparently I don't have to do it every week anyway (well I do the booking through thursday thing maybe once every month or less). Interacting with other book bloggers seems like a good idea…Oh, and I learned about this through Marg at Reading Adventures.

The first week is Discover New Blogs week – post about the new blogs you visited who are part of this "Weekly Geeks" challenge.

On the list I discovered:

The Written Word – seems to have tastes I agree with and an interest in Jane Austen. Looks like a popular blog too. She also has an awesome post about design and architecture and weird bookshelves which I loved. I want to post about those unusual bookshelves here too.

Em's bookshelf – lots of reviews and of what look like fun books I'd read. Looks like a lot of books in the YA genre, which I'm sort of getting too old for, but still like to peer at anyway, just in case.

Girl Walks into a Bookstore – A lot more historically based books than I read, so interesting to see recommendations in that area.

Valentina's room – Again more YA than I read currently, but interesting to read what's new and out now. I like Shannon Hale and she posted a review of a Hale book I hadn't read yet. Must resist because of TBR pile..

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